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Zahava Friedman

Paul's daughter

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Inner Light Pottery

Zahava took her first pottery class at RISD as a kid, studied ceramics at Guilford College, and has been part of clay communities on the East and West Coast. She currently lives in Western Massachusetts. She makes pottery simply because she loves to.

Zahava is also passionate about her work serving kids as a speech and language therapist. She dreams about merging the two passions someday and providing therapeutic services to children through clay.

Artist Statement
I still remember how I felt in my first pottery class 30 years ago. I fell in love with clay instantly. 30 years later, I still have that feeling whenever I enter a clay studio. It is a feeling of 3 parts possibility, belonging, and wonder. 

I make pots because I have always been compelled to create with my hands. But why clay? For me, the allure of making something functional into art is irresistible. Why drink from a cup when you can drink from art?

For years I focused mainly on form. Then, not long ago, in a surface design residency at Watershed Ceramics in Maine, a seed was planted, which later bloomed when a friend suggested I try sgraffito. Sgraffito is the process of illustration or design by scratching through layers of color to reveal different layers underneath. 

Now, though form remains an essential element of my work, I see my pots as blank canvases to illustrate, and another world of possibilities has opened.

My work will always be evolving, but making pots consistently lights me up from the inside.

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