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Rebecca Friedman

Paul's daughter

As far back as she can remember, Rebecca has loved to make art, but after graduating college with a minor in Studio Art, she drifted from it to focus on graduate school until an extended stay with her family in Puerto Rico. There she spent hours on end imagining, painting and crafting with her grandfather, aunt and cousins which brought her back to her creativity. She was lucky enough to get to do this year after year, as well as attending an artists retreat in VT with her grandfather and sister. She loves to try new mediums to work with (knitting, macrame, paint of all textures, wood burning, drawing, model magic, paper mache, murals, upcycling clothing) and has a never ending list of projects to work on. 


Rebecca now lives in a tiny cottage in the woods in CA. She enjoys arts and crafts, exploring nature and finding little creatures to paint. She is often thrilled to find dead bugs, interesting foliage, or wild animals to draw inspiration from. 

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